Pastor Ken is the founder of Save the Nations, which began in 2006 with his wife Lisa at his side. He is a native of New York born into a Jewish family. After a life-changing encounter with Jesus, ken became a Christian Pastor. After many years of denying and running from his Heritage he now teaches those born Jewish or not their identity through the Hebraic roots of the Christian Faith.



Pastor Lisa is prophetic in prayer and as a passionate teacher. She is a mentor to children, women and families. Those who have the privilege of knowing her are always encouraged by the example of her walk as a wife, mother, grandmother, pastor and leader.




Pastors Diego and Kelly

We are from Brasil & have been married for 16 years. We have 2 kids and 3 years of ministry in Rio de Janeiro. We have all the support from Save the Nations USA and now we are responsible for this amazing work that God has given us in Save the Nations Brasil. The principal feature of STN Brasil church is unity, love, strength,\ hope and expectancy to see families, cities and nations

Worship Jesus Christ! We are a youthful church who welcomes people of every age. We have a burden and deep desire to see Brasil sharing the love of Jesus. We love to communicate the gospel of Jesus

If you are ever in Brasil please contact us and visit us on Sunday's at 10:30AM

Save The Nations Brasil
R. Otacillio Novais
Rio de Janeiro, RJ



Youth Directors Mike & Carolina


The teens of Save the Nations are learning how to be a generation of leaders and world changers. The teaching and instruction is building good character and moral values that model a life based on God’s teachings and not worldly culture.

Mentoring takes place as time is spend modeling the life of a disciple and follower of Jesus. Youth are encouraged to study God’ word and to spend time in prayer and in God’s presence. They are also encouraged to be a part of House Church.